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Foreign National

One of our premium services is the organization and registration of Limited Liability Companies for foreign nationals in the United States.

We will serve as the Registered Agent, responsible for creating and registering your company, filling annual certificates and making amendments if needed.

We will also assist you in the process of opening a Business Checking Account and a Merchant Account  at one of our partner Banks.


What is the service that we offer you?

We offer each of our foreign clients a personalized service for the creation, registration and maintenance of a company in the United States of America. We also help you in the process of opening a Personal account for you and a Commercial Account for your Company. 

Who do we help?

We help People and Companies that want to sell all over the world, with the intention of growing their business without worrying about paperwork, expiration dates and taxes. 

What are some of the Advantages of Opening an Account in the United States?

1. Receive payments in dollars from anywhere in the world.
2. Withdraw US dollars from any Automatic Teller Machine (ATM).
3. Your Money is protected by the FDIC up to $ 250,000.00.
4. Buy anywhere in the world with your Visa or Master Card debit card
5. Have a banking presence in the world's leading economy

What are some of the advantages of Opening a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the United States? 

  • Limited Liability Companies (LLC) allows foreign nationals of the United States to establish a company in this country. This companies have a very flexible structure, thus eliminating bureaucracy in their operation. They do not need to present a shareholders' book or annual meetings.  

  • As flexible structures, they can be used to manage: personal assets, real estate properties and / or be the legal entity for your business. 

  • As the owner of an LLC, you can open a business bank account at any bank in the United States.  

  • Our Commercial Bank Account Package includes the incorporation and registration of an LLC, plus a Bank Account and a debit card, which can be send anywhere in the world. 

Comunicate with our team

Having a company in another country is easier than you think. Schedule a consultation with one of our advisor to answer all your questions.

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